I Can Do All Things Through Christ…

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me    Philippians 4:13My youngest son became a part of our family as a result of incredible divine intervention. My experience in finding him and his sister is a powerful testimony to me of God’s awareness of each of His children and His willingness to do whatever it takes to assist us.

I know that many would suggest that God can do much more. I know that He does all that He can for us without removing our ability to choose and/or remove growth experiences that are designed for our eternal growth.

God can do much more for us when we ask for and reach for His assistance. I know that that was the apostle Paul’s personal experience and it has been mine, as well.

If life seems a unrelenting battle, I hope that you will reach out to the Lord for assistance. I know that when you give your all and then allow Him to give you His all, it is an amazing, synergistic formula for dealing with the challenges that are a natural and pre-designed part of life. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy today’s story!

Abandoned As a Child
In 2000, Oprah Show guest Kelly told viewers how she survived abandonment, a plane crash and leukemia—all before she turned 12. As a baby, Kelly was left on the side of the road in Vietnam by her parents. She had a short stay in a local orphanage, and then, in 1975, she was part of Operation Baby Life—a program that evacuated thousands of babies from Vietnam. Kelly was placed on a plane destined for the United States, but her journey did not go smoothly. The plane she was on crashed, killing 150 passengers. “I really don’t know why I was chosen to be one of those survivors. I feel incredibly lucky, and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of second chances,” Kelly says. 

Kelly was eventually adopted by a couple in Seattle, but the obstacles did not stop there. At age 11, she was diagnosed with leukemia. With fight and determination, Kelly overcame her disease and went on to become a healthy and successful adult. “These obstacles that had happened in my life gave me strength and fueled my motivation to live and to succeed and to go on,” Kelly says.

Story shared from the following website: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/14-stories-of-overcoming-the-odds

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And Now, After the Many Testimonies Which Have Been Given of Him…

And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the  testimony, last of all,  which we give of him: That He Lives!  D&C 76:22May this Easter Season be a wonderful time of reflection and gratitude for the gift of our Living Savior!

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He is Not Here, For He Has Risen…Matthew 28:6

He is Not Here, For He Has Risen   Matthew 28:6

Because the Savior rose the third day, we can rise each new day and know that we can make a fresh new start.

A special gift was given to each of us that Easter long, long ago.

We can learn, improve, overcome and choose a better way – even if we have made a mistake, committed sin, or forgotten something important. The number of times we have failed does not matter. The number of times we pick ourselves up and try again and make a true and sincere effort does.

Life is a precious gift and we have the opportunity to make something glorious of it!

I hope you enjoy today’s story!:

The Easter Miracle

A True Story by Debbie Orrico

Grandma Lily was a very special woman with a fierce streak of independence
that showed itself at an early age.  When she was just 16 years old, she
eloped with a 28 year old man.  Although her family placed bets that this
union would not last, she proved herself by becoming a loving wife, and a
mother to 8 children.

That is, until her world was turned upside down. Grandpa John passed away
right before the depression, leaving Grandma Lily alone with 8 young
children to raise.  It was a tremendous struggle.  The family was dirt poor.
The children had to sleep 3 to a bed.  The good clothes were worn by the
first ones up in the morning.  The rest had to make due with the patched
hand-me downs that were left behind.  Some clothing was even made from flour
sacks.  During the cold Connecticut winters, none of the children had boots,
so if the ground was wet or snow-covered, Grandma Lily would line her
children’s shoes with newspapers and canvas to keep their feet warm and dry.
Meals were meager, with meat served only once or twice a month.

Throughout the years, Grandma Lily longed for Grandpa John, often spending
hours at the cemetery, planting flowers at his graveside and remembering
their good times together.  Some fifty odd years after Grandpa John passed
away, as Grandma Lily returned from the cemetery, she noticed that her
wedding band was missing.  She was frantic!  It was the only tangible thing
she had left to remember her husband.  It was a symbol of their eternal
love.  She quickly went back to the cemetery, but the ring was no where to
be found.  Her children also made several of the searches of the area in
vain.  The ring was gone — vanished into thin air!  Grandma Lily was
absolutely heartbroken.

The next Mother’s Day, her children gifted her with a new wedding band.
Although Grandma Lily was touched by the thought that went into the gift, it
made her sad to realize her original wedding band was gone forever.

The following Easter, Grandma Lily went to the cemetery accompanied by her
daughter Grace.  They stood side by side, silently saying their prayers for
Grandpa John.  They admired the flowers, especially the Easter Lilies that
were standing tall and proud, sending their fragrance out for all to enjoy.
Out of the corner of her eye, Grace noticed a glint of something shiny, and
pointed it out to Grandma Lily.  Since she was the closest to the plant,
Grandma Lily bent over, and examined the leaves of the lily plant.  She
could not believe her eyes when she saw what it was.  There, brilliantly
glowing in the sunlight was her original wedding band!  The one that she had
lost the previous year…the symbol of eternal love…the one that her
husband had given her more that fifty years before!

The Easter season is known as a time of miracles, and of resurrection.  For
Grandma Lily, the miracle WAS a resurrection…her wedding band,
resurrected on a lily plant.  The fact that my Grandma’s name was Lily makes
this story even more special!

Grandma Lily passed away a few years later.  We made sure that we buried her
with her original wedding band, and kept her second wedding band as a family

Story shared from the following website: http://www.inspire21.com/stories/holidaystories/TheEasterMiracle


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For God So Loved the World…John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

I have made a few sacrifices in my life but nothing that I can brag was significant.

Even with my near-death experience, I am in awe of God’s ability to sacrifice his only begotten son. I cannot fathom how a being who is mortal or immortal could stand by and watch while the greatest eternal sacrifice was taking place.

I am so very thankful for the gift of everlasting life. It is one of my goals to never take it for granted. I hope that not only at Easter time, but every day that I live, that I find some way of expressing my gratitude for the incredible gift that has been given to me through Jesus Christ.

Today’s story reminds me a little of my experience with my granddaughter while she remained in PICU and under heavy sedation. I hope everyone will forgive me providing a story that pulled at my personal heart strings! Enjoy!:

An Easter Sunday Miracle

Sometimes a miracle doesn’t come in the form that we expect it to. Instead of a burning bush, we experience a gentle nudge. Or a quiet voice. Or, in the case of Ken Trush, a poke.

Back in 1997, Ken’s 12-year-old son, Daniel, suddenly collapsed on-court at a basketball game in his school’s gym. Doctors discovered five aneurysms in his brain, one of which had burst. He was in a coma for more than 30 days. Every night, Ken kept watch by Daniel’s bed at the hospital, hoping and praying for a miracle–some sign that he would wake up. But weeks passed and nothing happened. The doctors prepared Ken and his wife, Nancy, for the worst: Daniel might never come back.

Though all appeared hopeless, Ken refused to give up. And on Easter Sunday, he finally got the sign he’d so desperately prayed for…

Danny was still not showing any signs of life. It was coming up to Easter. I just had this feeling that Easter was going to be special. I kept thinking, This is the holiest of holy days. This is what our faith revolves around. What better day than Easter Sunday to see something? Any kind of sign.

I left the hospital for 9 o’clock Easter mass. I didn’t tell anyone my hopes. It felt like it was just between me and God. Nobody else knew. I went back to the hospital after church hoping to find a miracle. I was waiting, looking for a sign. But there was no sign.

Everyone in our family was going to celebrate Easter at the hospital with us. I was sitting in the chair with Nancy next to Danny’s bed. My brother-in-law Steve and sister-in-law Debbie came to visit. We didn’t have enough chairs in the room, so I sat at the foot of the bed by Danny. At that point, no miracle had happened and I was starting to feel like nothing would.

And then, all of a sudden, I got this little poke… from Danny. I turned around, looked at him and said something a little outrageous for me: “Did you just kick me in the butt?” Danny gave the faintest of smiles. Everyone saw it. Nancy, Debbie and Steve. We all saw it.

Danny has always had a really good sense of humor. He was still in a coma, but that little poke was a sign that Danny was still in there. The doctors said it was impossible, that the smile was just reflexes. That Danny was too deep in a coma. But I knew my prayers were answered. I knew what I saw. And I knew that smile–a reassuring, “I’m here.”

It was the most beautiful Easter. And two weeks later, against all the doctors’ predictions, Danny woke up.

Story shared from the following website: https://www.guideposts.org/better-living/health-and-wellness/healing/an-easter-sunday-miracle



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God Commendeth His Love Toward Us…Romans 5:8

I don’t know when I realized that God loved me. It seems as though I have always known and perhaps I have.

I have seen many miracles in my life. I still remember the day I talked to a Christian adoption agency about finding the son that God instructed me I was to find. The man I spoke to, less empathetic than I expected, told me that I was trying to find a needle in a haystack and give him a call once I found my son.

I still wish I had kept track of the man’s name and the agency he was with. I would have called him with great pleasure the day that I found the needle in the haystack: my son Andrew. (Probably best I didn’t – I might no have been very kind spirited)

Some say that there is no life after death, no miracles, no visitations from other than the mortal world.

I say that I have seen life exist apart from body, many miracles, and I have certainly witnessed visits from the realm outside of mortality.

I would also say that having witnessed a pre-mortal visit between myself and God; this world, despite its flaws and uncertainties, has great reason to celebrate and seek after our Creator and his son Jesus Christ. There is no mortal being capable of knowing, loving, and blessing us like God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

I can’t even begin to find words that encompass their perfection, love, and concern for us.

At this Easter season, I will take time to express gratitude for the many gifts that became mine and all of mankind’s because of the Atonement made by the Savior of the world. I hope you will find a moment to express your gratitude as well.

I hope you will enjoy today’s miracle story!:

Didn’t You See Him?

Denise Meyer almost lost her mother and her children on a lake in Wisconsin.

When the boat capsized, Meyer lost sight of her two children. God gave her uncommon strength to lift her 2-year-old son Tim out from under the boat. Miraculously, he had found a pocket of air, so the ninety seconds underwater did not drown him.

After Meyer’s mother found her 4-year-old daughter Emily and everyone was back safely ashore, the grandmother started having a heart attack. “Had the heart attack started when we were in the water, she would surely have drowned,” the witness wrote.

Even then, God still had another miracle to reveal. When Emily was underwater, she had seen a man no one else had noticed. “Grandma,” she exclaimed, “the man under the water! He grabbed my foot and put it in your hand!”

Jacobson said this story reminded him of Hebrews 13:2, where Paul urges Christians to be hospitable because some have entertained angels without knowing it. “If God’s going to let anybody see them, it’s going to be those who still have the faith of children,” Jacobson said.

Today’s story is shared from the following website: http://www.christianpost.com/news/modern-miracles-5-stories-for-bible-skeptics-from-its-a-god-thing-104832/

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