Do the Impossible!

ImpossibleI am going to really date myself today. Some of you will be able to remember, like I can, when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon. I was young but it was such an amazing accomplishment that my elementary school teacher brought a television to school and we all watched man’s first step on the moon together! I have been amazed at the ability that mankind has had to see a need in the world and then to develop some “miraculous” device to help with that need. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to assist the deaf. Now look at what telephone’s can do and the availability they provide us. I can still remember when the greatest reach you were going to get with a telephone was a really long telephone cord and party lines! (Dating myself again) I’m still in awe of the fact that I can call someone with my cell phone (no cords) who is around the world and hear their voice as though they were standing right next to me. So many good things have become a part of our world because of love; someone loving another enough to work to provide some means for that/those loved ones to be able to function or function better. I know that God is a part of all those good things. I know that all that is good comes from our Creator. I also know (because I have witnessed it first hand) how much God desires to assist us in creating wonderful things – including a wonderful world. We truly are capable of creating miracles when we utilize God’s strength and guidance!

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