The Most Important Thing a Father Can Do For His Children is to Love Their Mother

Happy Young Attractive Mixed Race Family with Newborn Baby.

Today I want to share a story I located at I have read this story before and I know that it can be found online in various locations. The point is that happiness in a marriage is a choice. We can choose to find the faults in our spouse or we can choose to relish those reasons we decided to spend our life with them. I have been especially blessed with a man who has always made our marriage his priority. How grateful I am that he insisted on date nights during those years with our family that it often seemed difficult to fit one more thing into our busy schedules! Now, in retrospect, I know that the most precious gift he gave our children is showing them his love for me. And, the best gift we have given ourselves is making the health of our marriage our number one priority. I hope you enjoy this story:

I was waiting to pick up a friend at the airport. That day I had one of those experiences that change people‘s lives. It happened just two feet away from me. I noticed a man, carrying two bags, coming toward me. He stopped next to me to greet his family.

First of all he laid down his bag and came closer to his younger son (about six years old), they gave each other a warm, loving hug. Then the father looked in his son‘s eyes with words: “I missed you so much, it‘s so good to see you, son!“. The boy smiled and said: “Me too, dad“.

Then the man talked to his older son (nine or ten years old).”Oh, you are quite the young man, I love you very much!“ and cupped his face. Then they had the most tender hug too.

Afterwards the father said “Hi, baby girl“ to his baby daughter. She was squirming excitedly in her mother‘s arm and watching her returning father all the time. The man gently took his little daughter, quickly kissed her face all over and then held her close to his chest. The little girl laid her head on his shoulder in pure contentment.

After several moments the man looked at his wife and said “I‘ve saved the best for last“ and shared with her the most passionate kiss. They stared at each other, beaming big smiles. They reminded me of newlyweds.

Suddenly, I heard myself asking “Wow, how long have you been married?“. “Been together fourteen years, and married twelve of those“ . „Well then, have long have you been away?“. He replied with joyous smile on his face: „Two whole days!“.

I was stunned, as I imagined that he had been gone for several weeks at least. I could only say: “I hope that my marriage is still that passionate after twelve years“. The man looked straight into my eyes and told me something that changed my life:

“Don‘t hope, friend, decide!“…


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Available for Position…

senior life executive woman-1031000I love the wisdom that my “elderly” friends share with me. They are always so insightful and fun! If it is meant to be a part of our life path, we will all become part of that group called the elderly. We can learn so much from our friends with those extra years of life experience. They may have wrinkled faces and bent bodies but their spirits are mostly young and fresh! I love the quote by Deepak Chopra: We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. These are part of scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being. Our voyage in life is not about sagging bodies and wrinkled skin. Age has nothing to do with our relevancy – it has everything to do with our journey! Our journey will not end with the transition called death. Everything we gain in the form of knowledge and wisdom we will get to take with us. What our bodies look like at the moment of our transition will not matter. Who and how we loved, our relationships and the intelligence we have secured is what will matter then – and it is truly what matters now!

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A Real Friend…

Real friend  stream-1149882I haven’t had lots of “real friends”. I believe that real friends are an incredible blessing and not easy to come by. Those who have been my real friends – are still my real friends. I may not talk to them daily – in fact, I sometimes lose touch with them for several years because our lives have taken such different paths. The wonderful thing about real friends is that your hearts remain connected forever. If I picked up the phone right now and called them to let them know I was thinking about them – we would just simply pick up from where we left off. Spending time with or talking to a real friend is like sitting down with a warm mug of hot cocoa in your oversized flannel shirt and floppy slippers – the experience always leaves you feeling cozy and content. Why not reach out to one of your real friends today?!!

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