You Can Never Cross the Ocean Unless You Have the Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore…

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I don’t know about you but personal growth always feels like a remodeling project to me – with too many walls being demolished and the new construction always fraught with delays. Yet, when the work is done, I never fail to look back and feel a heart full of gratitude.

Personal growth is such a blessing! Self improvement always requires a leap of faith and courage. Although we may see massive benefits to changing, where we are is usually where we feel most comfortable. God is our most ardent fan. He is mindful of our capacity and our abilities. No one knows us better – not even ourselves. You only know yourself from a mortal perspective. He knows your mortal history and your pre-mortal history. He knows your magnificence! Best of all, He believes in You!!

Are you feeling a need for some changes? Perhaps God is nudging you! Listen to your heart and allow yourself to really feel deeply what God is trying to speak to your spirit. Then use His guidance to start the step by step process that He will provide. He will help you across your “oceans” and you will never regret the journey.

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You Have the Power….

Your Power sunrise-1634125You may think of yourself as one unit. In reality, you are a combination of your spirit and your body. In some way that I do not yet understand, our spirit and body is united while we remain alive in mortality. When I left my body during my near-death experience, my spirit remained very much alive. The part of me that feels and has emotions and thoughts is my spirit. I know that our spirits are immortal. We were given personal power by our creator before this world ever was. We continue to have that personal power. We have the power to choose, to learn, to rise above our difficulties and weaknesses! However, we must make a conscious choice to understand and to exercise our personal power. I hope you will use your personal power to make this world a better place! That is my personal goal! Our personal power is a priceless gift from God! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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With God, All Things are Possible…

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Several experiences that I have had have witnessed to me that we each have embedded within us a voice. The voice that I am talking about does not have “vocal cords” and yet it speaks to us. It comes from our center or heart. The voice of our heart whispers to us the truth about who we are and God’s love and the incredible potential that we have. It is a quiet voice – the kind of voice that will be easily drowned out by the world and easily listened to high on a mountain top. It is a pure voice that is not muddied by greed, the desire for power or weakness. It is the voice of your spirit and it knows things about you that most likely you no longer have memory of. Yet, when you allow peace and quiet in your life, it will tell you glorious things! And…you must be willing to listen! I have been amazed at the power of my voice. It is because of my voice that I have learned that strength does not lie in the ability to scream or shout – it comes from the willingness to listen and be taught. Life is busy but never so busy that we don’t have time to listen. I have found that listening to that inner voice is like a key; a key that enables my partnership with God to be successful like no other! I believe that the same holds true for you! I know that with God, all things are possible is a true statement! It is my prayer for today that if you haven’t already; that you will make time to listen to your voice and that you will allow your voice to bless you for the rest of your life and beyond! #God#Inner voice#conscience,#heart#eternity#spirit


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