When We Listen to God’s Guidance…

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My life has been blessed with many miracles. I hope your life has been blessed by miracles as well! Some may think that God uses miracles to convince His children of His existence. I do not believe that to be the case. I believe that miracles are a gift to those that believe. I know that there are occasions when non-believers have experienced miracles but I believe those are rare exceptions. I have found that the more I learn to listen to God’s guidance, the greater the number of miracles that my life is blessed with. Not only are there more, I am able to recognize those miracles with much greater clarity. I think the Pharaoh that contended with Moses is a perfect example. I don’t think Pharaoh was ever that impressed with the miracles that he saw – loss seems to have been his greater motivator.  Can you imagine how amazing the story would have been if Pharaoh would have been converted to God and His ways?!! What if Moses and Pharaoh had teamed up to build a temple rather than the Israelites wandering for forty years? I think one of the greatest miracles that occurred with Moses was Moses himself. He went from a reluctant participant to a man of tremendous faith and ability. I believe that each of us is meant to make a similar transformation. We are meant to take the unformed clay that we currently are and work with God to transform us into a masterpiece. Each of us is meant to be our own miracle!

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You are Mine…

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Do you ever try to make God human? Do you ever try to minimize His abilities just because you have a difficult time wrapping your head around the idea of perfection? I understand – I understand that it is impossible to comprehend perfection from a mortal’s perspective.

Having had the experience of meeting with God during my near death experience, I understand God’s perfection. I understand that He is entirely whole and complete – there is no gap to His intelligence, knowledge and capacity. I also understand that in order to comprehend His perfection, you must behold it.

This life is a time for us to improve and grow. The best way to do that is to use God’s help. I don’t know how He does it and if I did, I would never be able to explain it anyway. Yet, I know that every son and daughter of God is known by Him. Not just casually but entirely and completely. I don’t know how many sons and daughters He has – but I believe that that very large number is irrelevant. What is relevant is that no matter how many “siblings” we have, God is able to nurture, guide, and love us as though we were an only child. His love for you and His desire to help and guide you is greater than you can comprehend!

He never abandons us and He never forces us. He waits for us to reach out to Him – ever ready to provide help and answers according to His infinite wisdom. You will never know a more tender and perfect love than that which God has for you. You will never have a better ally and friend! Your life will not be filled with the same perfection that God has but it can be filled with His perfect love and assistance if you welcome Him into your life!

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Super Mom…

Super mom mother-429156Motherhood is such a tough job. Yet, though the rewarding moments may come infrequently, I believe that motherhood is one of the most important jobs in this world. Few others can shape a child and the world in which we live like a mother. I have seen the effect that I have had on my first four children. (Which I think/hope is mostly positive?!)  I have also seen the effect of their birth mother on my adopted children. Although my adopted son was four and my adopted daughter was nine when we adopted them, the emotional damage received as a result of a mother who frequently abandoned her children still continues to plague my children and our family. Their ability to love, trust and allow themselves to be vulnerable has been significantly compromised. Just like innocent victims in a car accident, they are left not really understanding why it had to happen to them and though the damage and neglect was not their fault, they each must be the one who does the work of recovery. I hope that every mother who feels the burden of her frequently thankless job will know that heaven thanks you for all of the sleepless nights, sacrifices made, moral instruction, positive example setting and nurturing that you do and so do I. Though I know that few days FEEL that way, as mothers, we truly are in a partnership with God. With God’s help, we are the ones who are most able to effect positive changes in this world. When the world needs change, God sends a babies into the hands and hearts of women who will raise, nurture, and instill values and principles within those children that will enable them to rise above adversity and become a part of the positive solutions needed to address the various problems of this world. God knows that the super heroes of this world are not leaders of government – they are the mothers (and fathers) who are daily in the trenches of family life; loving the sometimes unlovable, teaching children who often seem unreachable, and giving their families all of their energy even though that energy vanished with the morning chores. Tonight, as you prepare for bed, give yourself a pat on the back; for today you were a part of the super hero work of raising responsible children!


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Faith quail-eggs-1247384Faith is like a hollow leg. Just when you think you have enough – a space opens up demanding to be filled. I have had many people tell me that I have great faith. The truth is that while I may have developed great faith in certain areas, there is always a demand for more and greater faith in my life. I feel comfortable with that because I know that faith is an incredibly important part of the purpose of this life. Like a child turned loose without his parent’s imminent presence, we have been “turned loose” in this world to grow independent of our Creator’s constant presence. The more we develop faith, the more that we will feel God’s presence in our lives. His presence is always available but we must develop both the desire and the faith to utilize his guidance. We often think we know best but I have found that those times that I think I “know” are most often comparable to a toddler sitting on white carpet while playing with the lid of his sippy cup of grape juice.  Despite the warnings of his parents, it is usually just a matter of time before he(I) have a mess on his(my) hands that could have been averted if he(I) had just been willing to listen!

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There is Always Relief from Pain…

Pain  sad-505857I used to have a very high pain tolerance. That was in the days that I was suffering from 24/7 migraines and severe depression. These days I am a wimp. Now, I get a migraine and I can barely function. Back in those days of headaches and illness, I was a highly functioning business woman, wife and mom – up until the end that is. If I had been willing to listen, perhaps my pain could have been eradicated much sooner. As I look back on those days, I realize that I didn’t want to listen to what God was trying to tell me. I didn’t want to believe that the world wouldn’t come to a screeching halt if I wasn’t “taking care of every little detail”. When God used his megaphone to rouse me – it got my undivided attention. I was so guilty of believing that it all depended on me. In truth, it all depended all on God and I was (am) just a small bit player in the great scheme of His ginormous perfect plan. If you see a little bit of yourself in me – take some time to listen and to take care of your relationship with God. I promise that you will be glad you did.

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