Be the Change You Want to See in the World…

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Do you ever want to see change in the world we live in? Do you want people to be nicer? Do you want your relationships to be stronger and more rewarding? Would you like this world to be a little bit of heaven on earth? I believe that, at times, we all want the world to be better.

Yet, if we look long enough, there are wonderful things about this world and there are wonderful people! This world is full of goodness, inspiration and miracles! We attract those things that we value and cherish!

Yet, evil does exist and will so long as we chose to be participants. If we want the world to be a safe place to be – we must do our part to make it safe. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if everyone in the world chose to be honest, then we would know that we could trust everyone. There was such a time that existed in previous Asian cultures. In that culture, a man’s (woman’s) word was his word. Even on the battle field, if an enemy declared that he would surrender and never come to battle again, they could be trusted to take their arms, go home and never be a threat again.

That kind of world can exist. It is all a matter of choice. Remember that God will always maintain our ability to choose – even if our choices are negligent and/or immoral.

When we choose to be a person who is honest and trustworthy, we choose to bring the world one step closer to paradise. When we choose to allow those who are untrustworthy to suffer the consequences of their actions, we take a giant leap towards the ideal of making the world a heaven on earth.

I believe the world has become apathetic towards violence, dishonesty, and morality. As a result, we live in a world that is more violent, less secure, and where greater unhappiness thrives.

If we want a utopia, we must do our part rather than claim we are an exception from the rules.

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Every Time You Smile at Someone, It is an Action of Love!

every-time-you-smile-at-someone-old-lady-845225There are lives that have been profoundly changed by a simple smile. Perhaps, today, it will be your smile that changes someone’s life! Even if it only helps to brighten someone’s day, I hope you will share your smile with everyone you meet today!

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Don’t Work to Survive. Work to Create Something that Survives You!

Don't work to survive construction-646914Happy Labor Day! What a blessing it is that we can work! I love that through our work, we can improve the world and help those around us! In the most menial of jobs, there are ways to make a positive impact! Work is about service. The best service is about caring! When we work with the mindset to not just complete a job but to do a job using the best of our abilities, we can’t help but make a difference! #work #labor day #service #Alexander Den Heijer

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Whatever You Are…Be a Good One!

Whatever you are  amazing-736881Whatever you are – whatever your strengths and talents are – you are meant to be a unique contribution to this world of ours! You have lots to offer this world! You have gifts to give that no one else can give! We are all meant to provide a positive contribution to this world! What is yours meant to be?

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Do All the Good That You Can!!!

Do all the good you can  background-1481479This quote by John Wesley is so right on! Imagine the transformation that would take place in this world if we all lived by these words! What blessings would be the world’s collectively and what blessings would be ours individually! I think this takes the Golden Rule and defines it in a way that is unmistakably easy to understand! Let’s start out our week with the joy and fun of doing good to our fellow men!

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