Are You Finding Joy in the Journey?!!


Find joy cathedral-cove-1592274Do you take time to relish the simple daily pleasures of your life? Do you take time to recognize the simple joys? What about the the moments that bring a smile to your face? Every day I am blessed to have moments in my life that bring me joy. Whether it is a slobbery kiss from a grandchild, a funny story from my husband or seeing complete strangers interact in a loving way towards each other – these and many other things! bring me joy! I treasure the simple, yet priceless joys of my life! I hope you do too!

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The weekend is coming and when I think of weekends, I always think of gathering with family and friends! As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I love Abraham Lincoln! I love how he was such an example of addressing adversity in positive ways. Sometimes relationships struggle; most often those relationships are with family, friends or associates. There are many ways to heal those relationships. Where abuse is present, the story changes and we won’t deal with that today. However, when we are only dealing with personality conflicts and such there are multiple strategies that can be used. Exercising patience, compassion and love are always positive moves. I have found that utilizing prayer and God’s guidance are key to finding the right strategy and finding the answers I need! If you are having relationship issues, I hope and pray that you will reach out to God and make the effort bring greater love and peace into your life!

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Soar dawn-190055How can anybody NOT be inspired by Helen Keller? I love who she chose to be and the positive influence she continues to have on this world! I cannot imagine understanding the world as she did given her handicaps. Yet, comprehend she did and she absolutely soared above any preconceived limitations! We all fear things in our life from time to time. We all struggle with not feeling quite adequate. However, that is not where we should be content to stay. We each are meant to soar! We each have an important contribution to make to this world we live in! You ARE awesome and you were born so that you could learn to overcome your personal challenges and SOAR! Listen to your heart and pay attention to the messages it is sending you! What are you meant to do?!! What are your special gifts?!! Listen carefully (you may need to find a quiet place) your heart has lots of wonderful things to tell you about yourself!


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Never Forget…Feelings

How You Made them Feel-1401968Feelings are real and they determine who we are and what we do more than any other single factor. There many details that were shared with me during my near death experience that I have not been allowed remember. What I have been allowed to retain completely was how I felt during each phase of my experience in heaven. Those feelings now move me and instruct me every day and every moment of my life. Life is the same. We forget details of what we have seen or what we have heard – but we never forget what we feel. Those feelings may not always be in harmony with reality, but we own them and act according to those feelings anyway. It has been my experience that very few of us understand the impact we have on others. So here’s my thought for the day: Let’s try to leave each person we interact with today feeling loved and appreciated. Love and appreciation are great things to pass along!

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