For God So Loved the World…John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

I have made a few sacrifices in my life but nothing that I can brag was significant.

Even with my near-death experience, I am in awe of God’s ability to sacrifice his only begotten son. I cannot fathom how a being who is mortal or immortal could stand by and watch while the greatest eternal sacrifice was taking place.

I am so very thankful for the gift of everlasting life. It is one of my goals to never take it for granted. I hope that not only at Easter time, but every day that I live, that I find some way of expressing my gratitude for the incredible gift that has been given to me through Jesus Christ.

Today’s story reminds me a little of my experience with my granddaughter while she remained in PICU and under heavy sedation. I hope everyone will forgive me providing a story that pulled at my personal heart strings! Enjoy!:

An Easter Sunday Miracle

Sometimes a miracle doesn’t come in the form that we expect it to. Instead of a burning bush, we experience a gentle nudge. Or a quiet voice. Or, in the case of Ken Trush, a poke.

Back in 1997, Ken’s 12-year-old son, Daniel, suddenly collapsed on-court at a basketball game in his school’s gym. Doctors discovered five aneurysms in his brain, one of which had burst. He was in a coma for more than 30 days. Every night, Ken kept watch by Daniel’s bed at the hospital, hoping and praying for a miracle–some sign that he would wake up. But weeks passed and nothing happened. The doctors prepared Ken and his wife, Nancy, for the worst: Daniel might never come back.

Though all appeared hopeless, Ken refused to give up. And on Easter Sunday, he finally got the sign he’d so desperately prayed for…

Danny was still not showing any signs of life. It was coming up to Easter. I just had this feeling that Easter was going to be special. I kept thinking, This is the holiest of holy days. This is what our faith revolves around. What better day than Easter Sunday to see something? Any kind of sign.

I left the hospital for 9 o’clock Easter mass. I didn’t tell anyone my hopes. It felt like it was just between me and God. Nobody else knew. I went back to the hospital after church hoping to find a miracle. I was waiting, looking for a sign. But there was no sign.

Everyone in our family was going to celebrate Easter at the hospital with us. I was sitting in the chair with Nancy next to Danny’s bed. My brother-in-law Steve and sister-in-law Debbie came to visit. We didn’t have enough chairs in the room, so I sat at the foot of the bed by Danny. At that point, no miracle had happened and I was starting to feel like nothing would.

And then, all of a sudden, I got this little poke… from Danny. I turned around, looked at him and said something a little outrageous for me: “Did you just kick me in the butt?” Danny gave the faintest of smiles. Everyone saw it. Nancy, Debbie and Steve. We all saw it.

Danny has always had a really good sense of humor. He was still in a coma, but that little poke was a sign that Danny was still in there. The doctors said it was impossible, that the smile was just reflexes. That Danny was too deep in a coma. But I knew my prayers were answered. I knew what I saw. And I knew that smile–a reassuring, “I’m here.”

It was the most beautiful Easter. And two weeks later, against all the doctors’ predictions, Danny woke up.

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You Have the Power….

Your Power sunrise-1634125You may think of yourself as one unit. In reality, you are a combination of your spirit and your body. In some way that I do not yet understand, our spirit and body is united while we remain alive in mortality. When I left my body during my near-death experience, my spirit remained very much alive. The part of me that feels and has emotions and thoughts is my spirit. I know that our spirits are immortal. We were given personal power by our creator before this world ever was. We continue to have that personal power. We have the power to choose, to learn, to rise above our difficulties and weaknesses! However, we must make a conscious choice to understand and to exercise our personal power. I hope you will use your personal power to make this world a better place! That is my personal goal! Our personal power is a priceless gift from God! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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We Are All Visitors from Heaven…

We are all visitorsWe are all visitors from heaven.  The fact that most of us don’t remember our existence there is a testament to three things:

  • The importance of our time on earth
  • The importance of developing faith
  • God’s love and mercy

In order to really learn, grow, and develop faith, our experience on earth had to be free of our memories of our existence with God. Developing faith in ourselves and in God would have been impossible if we were allowed to retain those memories. If we were allowed to remember our Eternal Father – we would know him and no faith would be required. I saw, during my return to heaven, that developing faith was the primary underlying reason for our need to have a mortal experience. Though our time in mortality is short in contrast to our eternal existence, what we do here and what we learn here is enormously important. I was shown in heaven that learning to love, serve, and develop our gifts was vital to the overall success of our lives here on earth. We can all identify with how we miss loved ones when we must be absent from them for extended periods of time. Though we don’t remember those we have left behind to come to this life, we have left loved ones behind in heaven. It is a blessing that our loving Father in Heaven protects our memories of our previous existence so that homesickness and missing our loved ones does not get in the way of our growth experiences here. When we understand that life is a faith developing and personal growth experience, it helps to give us a truer perspective of the bigger picture!


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Choices for Eternity…

Choices  revision sunset-477857Everything I witnessed in Heaven had, in some way or another, to do with choices. It was our choices that “bought” us a ticket to earth and it will be our choices that determine our return to heaven. Our return ticket has already been bought and paid for by our Savior but our choices will determine if our ticket gets used. Our Creator has done everything in His power to help us succeed – the choice is now ours. Will we choose God or will we choose those pursuits that remove our hearts from God? I’m trying to make sure that every day is filled with choices that strengthen my connection to God. What will your choice be today?

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Understand More…Fear Less

Fear less  schmertterling-974088Few things alter our lives and our progression like fear. Is fear holding you back? Is it fear that your life might change or that it might improve? Do you fear failure? When you look back on your life during your last moments, do you want to see a life of complacency or a life of learning and growing? Every day we create what that picture will look like as we take our last breaths of mortality. We cannot always choose our circumstances but we can always choose our attitude and our response to those circumstances. Think about what you want from your life and what is eternally important! Then choose accordingly – even if it means you must overcome some fears!

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