How Life is Best Measured…

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

I am all about stewardship – in my mind, that means responsibility to create a meaningful life for myself and to be a meaningful part of the lives of my family, friends, and fellowman.

While that includes being responsible, it does not mean that life has to dull and dreary!

I know that it is hard to comprehend, but heaven is truly amazing and enthralling and worth our very best mortal efforts. Life is not about what’s in it for me, me, me. If it is to be meaningful for the duration – both mortality and eternity – it needs to be about what’s in it for us.

None of us knows how much time the Lord will grant us to live on this earth, but I know that we all inherently sense that this gig (called life) is important and is not to be wasted.

The article I am sharing today takes a few minutes to read, but do it anyway. Your life deserves it! Take a few minutes and contemplate on how you can improve and make your life better! I promise you will be blessed for your efforts! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

45 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest

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Happy Labor Day!

The dignity of labor depends not on what you do, but how you do it.      Edwin Osgood Grover

Hard work and determination never fail…it may just succeed in way we did not anticipate! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

Tim Ferriss

If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss, here’s a quick primer: He’s the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a book published in 2007 that offers advice on how you can trim the fat off your workday and, through a series of prioritizations, determination, and outsourcing, theoretically end up being able to log a four-hour week.

While the prospect of actually being able to pull that off is a bit iffy, Ferriss’s book, perhaps unsurprisingly, has become tremendously popular over the better part of a decade. To date, it’s sold over 1.3 million copies across the globe. But Ferriss had no way of knowing this would ever be the case.

It turns out that the first 25 publishers Ferriss contacted about his book said no. According to the Harvard Business Review, the 26th publisher said yes not because they loved the concept of the book, but because they believed Ferriss would do everything within his power to make sure it sold.

As demonstrated, persistence and determination pay off.

Tim Ferriss story shared from the following website:

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We are Capable of the Impossible!

“It’s impossible,” said Pride “It’s risky,” said Experience “It’s Pointless,” said Reason “Give it a try,” said the Heart ¨Unknown

Do you have accomplishing the “Impossible” burning in your heart? Do people tell you that your dreams are impossible and that they will never happen?

There is a secret to accomplishing impossible tasks – YOU have to believe that they are possible! Not just on a conscious level but on a subconscious level as well.

We all have an important contribution to make to the world – what is yours?

As you dream over this holiday weekend, I hope that you will be inspired by the following fun facts!:

Fun Facts about Great Accomplishments

All the world’s greats would never have been great if they had listened to the opinion of even their closest friends.

Caruso, the world’s greatest tenor, was told his voice sounded like a tin can.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of motion pictures, was advised that no-one would pay to listen to sound coming from a screen.

Edison told Henry Ford to give up making cars and work for him instead and make millions.

Marie Curie was told to forget about radium.

Laurence Olivier was told by friends to give up acting.

Benjamin Franklin was told to stop fiddling with lightning.

People told Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) that no-one would ever beat his fifty swimming records. His 1936 world record was the qualifying time for the 1972 Olympics! Attitudes of the time said his records could never be beaten. Now 12 year old girls regularly beat his times.

Christopher Columbus took 14 years to raise funding for his ships and crew before setting out on his explorations. The science and culture of the day had said that the world was flat. However, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain had faith in Columbus. With that faith and money behind him, Columbus took just six months to discover the New World.

In the same way, a “flat-world mind-set” can limit our thinking and lead to mediocrity. In the same way that you can train fleas to jump a certain height in a bowl, when you take away the bowl, they still do not jump higher than the learned height.

Our mind can tie us down and limit us, so that mediocrity becomes our destiny. Negative attitudes get cemented in concrete.

Abraham Lincoln grew up in a very difficult environment. He had less than one year of formal schooling. He experienced defeat and failure year after year, but is one of the greatest success stories of all time. In spite of everything, he had the right attitude to achieve success.

Today’s fun facts shared from the following website:


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Persistence and Determination

Energy and persistence alter all things Benjamin Franklin

I wonder how many people have had a dream and worked hard to accomplish their dream but gave up…just before they would have succeeded?

I love Thomas Edison – I love his determination and persistence. I especially love his attitude!

Do you have a dream in your heart? I believe we are all meant to leave our positive imprint on the world that we are a part of. I’m not talking about everyone having their day of fame or becoming incredibly wealthy. I’m talking about the day to day positive influence we can choose to give to those that we know, love and come in contact with.

I hope that when it comes time for my obituary to be written, that everyone I know can think of a kind word I shared or some way in which I made their life both better and happier. If I am successful in that endeavor, I will have been blessed with a wildly successful life!

What about your dream? Is your heart begging you to listen to it? Is there something wonderful you are meant to do for this world? Do you need to share a compliment? a kind word? some time?

As you think about the dream of your heart, I hope you enjoy today’s inspiring story!

Thomas Edison

When he was a young boy, Thomas Edison’s parents pulled him out of school after teachers called him “stupid” and “unteachable.” Edison spent his teenage years working and being fired from various jobs, culminating in his termination from a telegraph company at age 21. Despite these setbacks, Edison never deterred from his true passion, inventing. Throughout his career, Edison obtained 1,093 patents. And while many of these inventions — such as the light bulb, stock printer, phonograph and alkaline battery — were groundbreaking, even more of them were unsuccessful. Edison is famous for saying that genius is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

One of Edison’s greatest stories of perseverance occurred after he was already wildly successful. After inventing the light bulb, Edison began a quest to find an inexpensive light bulb filament. At the time, ore was mined in the Midwest, and shipping costs were incredibly high. To combat this, Edison opened his own ore-mining plant in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. For roughly a decade, Edison devoted all his time and money to the plant. He also obtained 47 patents for inventions designed to make the plant run more smoothly. And after all of that, Edison’s project still failed thanks to the low quality ore on the East Coast.

But as it turned out, one of the aforementioned 47 inventions (a newly-designed crushing machine) revolutionized the cement industry and earned Edison back nearly all of the money he lost. In addition, Henry Ford would later credit Edison’s Ogdensburg project as the main inspiration for his Model T Ford assembly line, and many believe that Edison paved the way for modern-day industrial laboratories. Edison’s foray into ore-mining proves that dedication and commitment can pay off even in a losing venture.

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What Change Will You Create in the World?

You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved   Unknown

Does some wonderful, incredible dream burn within your heart? Do you know in the depths of your soul that there is something wonderful you are meant to accomplish with your time and talents?

Is that amazing feat that you are to accomplish lying in a hole, within your soul, enveloped with fear and doubts?

We all have come to this earth to do wonderful things with the gifts that God has given us. I hope you will free yourself from your doubts and fears and move forward with faith and fervor!

We don’t have to accomplish amazing feats in one day and sometimes we can work with others to do the wonderful things we were born to do.

I hope today’s story inspires you to do wonderful things!

The Amazing Story of the Man Who Literally Moved a Mountain

Dashrath Manjhi was a landless Indian peasant with nothing to his name but a couple of goats, a job as a laborer, and a wife he adored. They lived in the minuscule village of Gehlaur in India, remote and blocked from the nearest towns with any facilities to speak of by a steep mountain ridge slung between them like a giant’s speed bump. Travel from Gehlaur to that next town over was only five or so miles as the bird flies, but was only traversable for the inhabitants of the area by a treacherous climb along rocky and thin ledges, winding some fifty miles.

And in 1959 his wife, while bringing him lunch on the other side of the mountain where he worked, fell and was badly injured, dying later that year. Her death was largely because it was impossible to get her to the hospitals on the other side of the ridge. The love of his life gone, Manjhi did not wallow, though he mourned. Did not give up, though he gave up everything else. Did not turn to hating the world, but instead embraced a love for it.

He made the mountain his crusade.

Manjhi sold his goats for a handful of tools, quit his job, and then climbed to the top of the mountain and began chiseling. He beat the top of the mountain with a few bits of iron, all day, every day. He was mocked, he hurt himself at times, but always he returned to hammer at the stone. For 22 years, he carved a channel out of that immortal ridge, until his work was done. He received no help but an occasional donation. The government shrugged in indifference that a man was singlehandedly doing what they should, though the forest ministry considered arresting him since damaging the mountain was illegal.

Thirty feet deep and wide, three hundred and sixty feet long, there was a road where once there was only rock.

The nearest hospital was now five miles away instead of fifty. The children of the village could now attend school, suddenly only a couple of miles away instead of dozens. All told, over sixty villages now had a road to the wider world.

The government honored him once it was done. They gave him some land, which he donated for a new hospital. And he asked them repeatedly to tar the road so that it would not go to waste.

It took them 30 years to do that. Longer than it took one man to break a mountain with his own hands.

There are heroes in this world, men and women who are driven mad and channel it into something beautiful. The shame of our world is that we cannot believe that a mountain can be moved a pebble at a time, when in fact, it’s the only way they ever do. The long eons of rain can level the vastest mountain, can carve out the Grand Canyon, and wash it all away to the sea. We know this, we accept it as a truism. If only it didn’t take a mad man to realize that each of us is a river unto ourselves, then all the mountains might be leveled.

Today’s inspiring story was shared from the following website: the-man-who-literally-moved-a-mountain.php

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