A Tribute to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington…Happy President’s Day!

President's Day 2017

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are two of my heroes. I believe their greatness lies in their determination to live their lives with honor and integrity. I believe that for any life to be truly meaningful life, it must be lived with honor and integrity.

Today, I share two stories. Both of them communicate a few of the qualities that I admire and respect in these two amazing men. Happy President’s Day! I hope you will enjoy!

The Heavy Log

Once upon a time a rider came across a few soldiers who were trying to move a heavy log of wood without success.

The corporal was standing by just watching as the men struggled.

The rider couldn’t believe it. He finally asked the corporal why he wasn’t helping.

The corporal replied: “I am the corporal. I give orders.“

The rider said nothing in response. Instead he dismounted his horse. He went up and stood by the soldiers and as they tried to lift the wood and he helped them.

With his help, the task was finally able to be carried out.

Who was this kind rider?

The rider was George Washington, the Commander-in-chief.

He quietly mounted his horse and went to the corporal and said, “The next time your men need help, send for the commander-in-chief.”

Listening to a Nervous Friend

Abraham Lincoln was listening to the story of a nervous friend who was narrating about the failures and misfortunes of his life. After his narration was over, Abraham Lincoln told the person to have a glance at a board. The friend of Lincoln minutely glanced at the board and read the content written on the board. The content written on the board were the list of failures occurred to Abraham Lincoln during his life. After reading the content on the board, a new shine of hope appeared on the person’s face and he heartily thanked Lincoln for showing him a new direction towards his goal.

Let’s take a glance at the list of disheartening failures which Lincoln smiling endured and went on to become a great leader of America.

1) Unsuccessful in business   ( at age of 21)
2) Lost miserably in legislative elections (at age of 22)
3) Faced the untimely death of his sweetheart (at age of 24)
4) Had to suffer a severe nervous breakdown (at age of 27)
5) Was defeated in Congressional race (at age of 34)
6) Had to face failure of becoming a Senator (at age of 45)
7) Failed again in becoming a vice president (at age of 47)
8) Had to overcome the failure of losing Senatorial race (at age of 49)
9) Finally became the 16th President of United States of America(at age of 52)

Such heartbreaking failures could lead any person to nervous breakdown or dampen his confidence. But Lincoln faced every disappointment and failure with courage and marched on to path of success and leadership. His life was an inspiring story of courage which inspired countless leaders and upcoming youngsters all over the globe.

Story about Abraham Lincoln shared from the following website: https://prashantb.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/an-motivational-incident-from-life-of-abraham-lincoln/

Story about George Washington shared from the following website: http://baybusinesshelp.com/2013/02/15/2-stories-of-george-washington-and-the-power-of-humility/




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In the End, It’s Not the Years in Your Life that Count…

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, with the current flag of the United States of America.

As another week comes to and end, I can’t help think about Life and its importance. Every life is an opportunity to be a blessing! As I created today’s meme, I was thinking a lot about the importance of living a life of meaning.

Abraham Lincoln lived a life of meaning. Some may think that living a life with “Life” in your years would mean a life filled with partying and revelry. I believe that President Lincoln inferred a life filled with service and devotion to undying principles. That is certainly the life he  embodied and represented.

When my father passed away a couple of years ago, those who eulogized him and knew him best remembered his many moments of service and the true friend that he was. My father lived a life filled with Life. My father was not wealthy or famous but he cared for his friends and family and so his legacy was an abundant one nonetheless.

What kind of life are you living? What matters most to you? Are you trying to make life better for others? Do you let others know you care? Could it be said of you that others’ lives were made better because of you?

Those are the questions I am asking myself today. It’s always a good thing to step back and analyze life from time to time. Even when we think we are on track, taking time to reflect and allowing for course adjustments to be made helps to make sure that our life is on the right track. For me, it is very important to live a life filled with Life. I saw that living a life filled with service and love would be of prime importance during my near-death experience. Irregardless of how long I live, I hope my life will be seen as leaving a little bit of heaven on earth.

I hope that you are blessed with a life filled with Life! May the world be blessed with each of our lives!


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Whatever You Are…Be a Good One!

Whatever you are  amazing-736881Whatever you are – whatever your strengths and talents are – you are meant to be a unique contribution to this world of ours! You have lots to offer this world! You have gifts to give that no one else can give! We are all meant to provide a positive contribution to this world! What is yours meant to be?

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