Everything Has Beauty…

Everything has Beauty  pexels-photo-54200Here in Montana where I live, we have cold weather and sometimes it is very bitter cold. We also have snow – sometimes in great abundance. Not everyone who lives here in Montana is a fan of the cold or the snow. Personally, I love snow. I don’t always love the snow when it is making roadways icy and dangerous but I love seeing the crystalline transformation of the world that snow brings with it. I, instead, struggle to love the desert. I know that there are those individuals who love the desert. I think that if I took the time to learn more about the desert, I would appreciate it more than I do. I believe that beauty is so often a matter of perspective. I am reminded of the story of the violin being sold at an auction. No one valued it until someone took the time to play it. Once the master violinist took the instrument in his hands and played it, those present at the auction came to value the precious violin for the incredibly valuable instrument that it was. The same is true of so many things. We all have beauty. We all have value. We just have to see it! I know that God sees our value, our beauty, and our potential! He believes in our value and potential (and beauty) so much so that He ransomed His precious son for us. I can’t imagine ransoming one of my children. That alone tells me of the great value that God places on you and on me. So when you think about yourself – remember how beautiful God thinks you are and how valuable you are to Him. Your perspective may need some fine tuning but His is perfect!

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Whatever You Are…Be a Good One!

Whatever you are  amazing-736881Whatever you are – whatever your strengths and talents are – you are meant to be a unique contribution to this world of ours! You have lots to offer this world! You have gifts to give that no one else can give! We are all meant to provide a positive contribution to this world! What is yours meant to be?

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Do All the Good That You Can!!!

Do all the good you can  background-1481479This quote by John Wesley is so right on! Imagine the transformation that would take place in this world if we all lived by these words! What blessings would be the world’s collectively and what blessings would be ours individually! I think this takes the Golden Rule and defines it in a way that is unmistakably easy to understand! Let’s start out our week with the joy and fun of doing good to our fellow men!

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There are No Ordinary People…

Ordinary People  amazing-736885Just like C.S. Lewis said, “There are no Ordinary People”. I could add – there are only people that believe that they are ordinary. As this week comes to a close, I hope you will take a moment and think about the fact that you are a gift to this world! Only you can decide to give this world the gift of you! I hope that buried deep inside your heart and fastened securely to your soul is a knowledge that you are loved and known completely by your Creator! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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We Are All Visitors from Heaven…

We are all visitorsWe are all visitors from heaven.  The fact that most of us don’t remember our existence there is a testament to three things:

  • The importance of our time on earth
  • The importance of developing faith
  • God’s love and mercy

In order to really learn, grow, and develop faith, our experience on earth had to be free of our memories of our existence with God. Developing faith in ourselves and in God would have been impossible if we were allowed to retain those memories. If we were allowed to remember our Eternal Father – we would know him and no faith would be required. I saw, during my return to heaven, that developing faith was the primary underlying reason for our need to have a mortal experience. Though our time in mortality is short in contrast to our eternal existence, what we do here and what we learn here is enormously important. I was shown in heaven that learning to love, serve, and develop our gifts was vital to the overall success of our lives here on earth. We can all identify with how we miss loved ones when we must be absent from them for extended periods of time. Though we don’t remember those we have left behind to come to this life, we have left loved ones behind in heaven. It is a blessing that our loving Father in Heaven protects our memories of our previous existence so that homesickness and missing our loved ones does not get in the way of our growth experiences here. When we understand that life is a faith developing and personal growth experience, it helps to give us a truer perspective of the bigger picture!


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