What I Learned in Heaven #6

Perfect RecipeBefore my Near Death experience, I never even imagined how perfectly planned our lives were. When you see the difficulties that are a natural part of life, it is easy to see how we might think life is less than perfect. The world in which we live is not perfect but the plan that was made for each of us in heaven is perfect. Each of us are an important and known piece of that plan. A plan was made for each of us and that plan’s purpose was to create in us the best possible us that we could possibly be. God prepared us and has given us all that we need to be a successful part of that plan – now our part is to participate in that plan by making God a part of our lives, trusting in Him and exercising our faith!

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What I Learned in Heaven #5

Measure Up

Besides the incredible feelings of love and joy I felt in heaven – what I miss the most is the climate of support and acceptance that presides there. There were NO comparisons. Though everyone did not share the very same talents and aptitudes – we were filled with a glorious sense of self-worth and we were blissfully supportive of each other. As I became aware of my talents and aptitudes (which were immense for all of us), I did not feel any sense of superiority or conceit. Instead, I was thrilled that I had been so richly blessed and that those abilities which were mine could be used to assist the Father of my being whom I loved and adored with such fervency. I was equally thrilled to recognize the strengths and abilities that others had been blessed with. Regardless of what capacities and gifts each of us had been given, we truly honored and revered each other. I came to know that believing in ourselves is a positive quality – it is only when we believe ourselves to be superior or that we fail to recognize God’s part in our accomplishments and abilities that that belief becomes a negative.

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