A Visit with God…


Glimpse_of_Heaven_Joanna_Oblander_coverWelcome to the official website of author JoAnna Oblander, and her book, A Glimpse of Heaven: One Woman’s Life-Altering Visit with God.

Upon returning from her near-death experience, JoAnna Oblander became what she calls “A Guardian of Truth”. By sharing her near-death experience and escorting us through several personal and spiritual experiences, JoAnna Oblander guides us to a deeper understanding of our heavenly home and the profound importance of life. Shared within the covers of this book are experiences and insights that will remind you of God’s great love for each of His children, His desire to be a daily part of our lives, and that each of us has come to earth to fulfill a unique and important purpose. Find out more…

#1 Truth: God is Real

The very most important thing I learned from my near death experience is that God is real. That may seem trite but I know that not everyone knows that fact let alone believes that fact. I saw Him. I conversed with Him. He held my hands as He sat with me and He taught me. He knew  knew my weaknesses and He knew my strengths and despite it all, He had confidence in me. His love was perfect and He was perfect. As I gazed into His face – I knew it so well that I wondered how I could have ever forgotten that face that I loved and knew so well. God is real and His love for us is real as well!

1000 Important Things that Death Taught Me About Life


Earth from space. Detailed image.My Near Death experience sometimes feels like a life within a life. Which is hard to explain but I’m going to attempt it anyway. I don’t know how long I was in heaven – probably 3 or 4 hours but every time I reflect on my experience, it is like getting personalized instruction on the importance of life. If someone were to ask me about my life, I would have to answer as though I have had two of them: my life before death and my life after death. My time in heaven was so glorious and so profound that today, some 12 years later, I am still processing and learning from my experience. A residual effect of all that processing is an overwhelming desire, at times, to want to pick the world up, shake it a little and say with the most loving, urgent, intense voice I can muster, “Don’t you know what we have here? We are not here by accident. God is real and He is perfect and if you would just listen you would know how much He is trying to help you! Quit fooling around and taking your life for granted! Pick yourself up (With God’s help of course),  figure out your personal mission and get busy with living the life that was personally designed for you before you even took your very first mortal breath!” Now, for very obvious reasons, I am finding it difficult to lift more than about 80 lbs. let alone the entire world but the desire remains. So, I have had an idea that just might suffice for now. I am going to share over the next ummm 1000 posts the lessons I learned in heaven about life. I hope you will think about them and share them and let me know what you think.