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Glimpse_of_Heaven_Joanna_Oblander_coverWelcome to the official website of author JoAnna Oblander, and her book, A Glimpse of Heaven: One Woman’s Life-Altering Visit with God.

”Because Life is for Eternity and Mortality is a vital component of everything that comes after this life,” is why you will hear JoAnna Weekes Oblander say she is eager to share the lessons she learned from her near death experience. JoAnna was the rare recipient of a meeting with God himself during her near-death experience. Come grab a Glimpse of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are meant to go! Find out how JoAnna, who was once a depressed, headache-ridden woman (determined to end it all) became a woman who works tirelessly as an author, motivational speaker, and a life & health coach. JoAnna has become an impassioned advocate for Living Lives of Meaning, Families, and placing God the Father and His son Jesus Christ at the center of our lives. Be sure to read her book. A Glimpse of Heaven, to find out why your life is meant to be significant, why your family & relationships deserve the best of what you have to give, and how you can know that God loves you and has a divine purpose for you! Find out more…

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ProphecyThe more life (the Lord) teaches me, the more I come to know how critical my thoughts and my intentions are. Thoughts can be a difficult thing to corral at times but, with consistent practice, I find it gets easier. That consistency thing taught me a lesson this week. I make it a consistent part of my daily schedule to fit in some exercise. For a few weeks it just kind of seemed like I was going through the motions but not getting much in the way of positive results. (I was kind of hoping for a few pounds to disappear) Then my husband paid me a compliment and although I still hadn’t gotten the result I had hoped for, I realized that I was getting a positive result – even if all that resulted was that my body was benefiting through better health. Where we place our priorities is where we get our results. Making positive thoughts a priority opens the heart and the mind to a life of positivity and abundance!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Glimpse Thanksgiving 2015Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and family!  You all are such a blessing in my life! On the very most difficult of days I am so richly blessed! It is my hope and my prayer that you are able to look at your life and your surroundings and feel likewise. For every smile I get to cherish, every hug I receive, every convenience I enjoy, each bite of food that feeds me, and more, I need to recognize the source of that joy and happiness. I am so very thankful for the Lord who shows me each day in so many ways that I am loved and that I am completely surrounded with blessings. I am grateful that the Lord has shown me the positive effect on my happiness that recognizing my blessings brings! May we all recognize and give thanks for the many many blessings that are ours!


AloneWe are entering a time, which on our calendars, is traditionally a time for gathering – the Holiday Season. I love the gathering and the time spent with family and friends. Yet, in this wonderful world of ours, there is an increasing tendency to let the voices of media drown out the true voice of the people individually and collectively. There are truths that never change regardless of what other voices may say. Those truths are of God. When we know and understand those truths, it is our duty and obligation to stand for and to do our best to preserve knowledge and understanding of those truths so that others may share in being blessed by those truths. No matter what the season, I hope that we will all stand firm for those principles and precepts that are eternal and of God.


OasisAs the Holidays approach, I hope that more and more of my fellow sojourners in this world are able to find that one true supplier of solace and love. We all need love and peace and God is always willing to grant our desire to receive those gifts when we are willing to hand over our lives to him.

What I Learned in Heaven #13…Humility

HumilityI used to have a whole different idea of what humility is. I used to believe that humility was believing that you had less worth than dust (Picked that up from King Benjamin). However, though heaven was full of humility, I don’t remember seeing anyone at all who did not believe in and honor their worth. No one thought they had no worth. In fact, one of the most astounding parts of my experience in heaven was how we all honored each other and OURSELVES. We freely acknowledged our gifts and talents but we did not see them as anything that provided superiority if we had more or inferiority if we had less. Instead, each gift and talent was an incredible blessing and a way that we could more fully serve our Creator. Perhaps we should all be better at acknowledging the gifts we have been given – not with ego but with a spirit of gratitude. I am a witness that all that we are and all that we can become is a gift from God. Now, if I can just do a better job of using that gift to better serve the ONE who gave it to me, I will be one step closer to recreating what I witnessed in heaven.

What I Learned in Heaven #12: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward One of the interesting things that I learned in heaven is that we are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Another interesting thing I learned is that in this life we are expected to put our best foot forward – to do the best we are capable of doing; not the best that our neighbor, friend, or family member can do. That means that God expects us to do what we are capable of doing. We live in a world of Entitlement. So many expect everything that they want to be given to them.  All the hand outs in the world will not create of us what we are meant to become nor will they bless us with deep, inner happiness. In order to do that, we must believe in ourselves, our abilities, and in the ability of God to increase our results as we put our best efforts forward. The truth is that what we become is generated by what is inside of us and not what we surround ourselves with (materially speaking). For example, if a man (or woman) is to become more loving – their heart must become receptive to vulnerability and they must be willing to place the needs of others’ before their own. No one would think that surrounding ourselves with heart shaped pillows would do the trick. However, when we try to address personal growth, we often use the same type of heart pillow logic to try to solve our problems. Things and more things are never the answer. The answer lies in making God our most important partner in all that we do and listening to our hearts. Then, with our God by our side, we need to put our BEST FOOT FORWARD!

Faith…What I Learned in Heaven #11

FaithFaith, we throw the term around a little recklessly for all of the importance that it has. Life did not begin here on earth and it will not end here either but the time we spend here will be critical for most of us. (Babies and young children who die don’t get grouped with us here) We know sooo much and we feel sooo much and too often we sweep what we know and what we feel into an emotional dust pan where we convince ourselves that we aren’t going to have to deal with it. It is not by accident that we are emotional beings! As I witnessed in heaven the events that had been a part of my existence, it became so overwhelmingly clear that I needed to give more credence to the impressions I felt in my mortal life. For example, when I first started dating my husband, it felt like I had known him forever. It was as though we were having a reunion – not just getting to know each other. As I saw us together in that sphere of existence that we were a part of prior to this earth life, it made so much sense. We had been close there and prior to our births it had been decided that we would be together on earth. When we started dating, I could not, of course, remember our relationship prior to this life. However, my spirit knew and those feelings I had in my heart were telling me things that were important for me to pay attention to. I didn’t really need to know that I already “knew” him but I did need to know that our relationship would be important to me and that he needed to be an important part of my life. [At this point, I feel inclined to throw out a bit of caution here…since we feel so much in our hearts, we need to be sure that what we are feeling is from God. When we are being prompted in our hearts by God – those promptings will always promote feelings and behavior that we would be proud to display if God were in the same room with us. Feelings that promote any kind of behavior contrary to God’s commandments is not from God and will not be a blessing to us if we act on them.] The exercise of faith is a vital experience for us in this life. The whole idea behind faith is that as we develop it and learn to exercise it, we will continue to grow, improve, and move beyond our current limitations. Utilizing faith is usually hard because we have to trust in the final outcome without having the whole blueprint in front of us. Yet, as we continue to utilize faith, our relationship with God becomes profoundly stronger, more vital, and our ability to trust Him grows exponentially. Then, just as the meme above demonstrates, we can grow into someone who is profound and beautiful – even if we must start from a bed of ashes.